Product list

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  • Ideal for finer hair types and chemically treated hair.
  • Eliminates static and gives brightness and body to hair.
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  • A restructuring fluid with a vegetal and mineral enriched formula.
  • Ideal for finishing and controlling chemically treated hair that lacks shine.
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  • A moisturizing hair styling wax derived from Shea Butter that gives shine and definition.
  • Use to finish and give texture without making the hair greasy or weighing it down.
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  • A vegetal styling wax with a matt finish, used to define and sculpt dry, short styles.
  • Bees wax enables an opaque effect without leaving the hair sticky, hard or greasy.
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  • A vegetal and mineral enriched mousse.
  • Packaged in a bottle without harmful propellants reduces environmental damage.
  • A consistent foam allows for moisturizing and styling effects with medium hold.
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  • An innovative reflective shine spray enriched with vegetal oils for quick absorption.
  • Free from artificial silicones, this spray refines and repairs the hair strand and prevents fly away ends.
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  • This styling product is based on a new concept which combines a moisturizer, conditioner, gloss cream and medium-hold styling product together.
  • The Texture Solution can nourish and moisturize the hair.
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  • Enriched with vegetal extracts and minerals helps control frizzy or curly hair and remove static.
  • The vegetal glycerine contained within the product will leave the hair soft, smooth and shiny.
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  • Vegetal proteins give a reinforcing action to the hair, providing shine, moisture and flexibility.
  • Helps prevent split ends by leaving a water soluble protective film on the hair.
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  • A volumizing hair gel restructures, styles and give support to wet and dry hair and protects it from heat.
  • Gives consistency and volume without hardening.
  • Does not leave plastic residues which coat/cover the hair strand.
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  • A leave in spray to condition, restructure and give shine to the hair without weighing it down.
  • Helps detangle and protect the hair from heat and atmospheric elements.
  • Assists to prevent split ends through a gradual repairing action.
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