Can’t stand the heat

Using the hottest setting of your hairdryer can damage your hair, especially if used with another hot tool.  Use a gentler heat setting and apply a few spritzes of the Naturalmente Camomile and Aloe Spray Tonic before you start to get extra shine.


Blow me down

Blow dry the right way using a gentle heat setting on your hair dryer and holding it 6- 8 inches away from the hair.  Point the air flow down on the hair to prevent frizz. Naturalmente Jojoba Shine Solution will help smooth your hair cares away.



Let down your hair but do get it trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks and condition ends every other day to prevent dry ends.  Seal in the moisture with Naturalmente Aloe and Sandalwood conditioner.


Curls, curls, curls!

For the curly heads of hair try washing only with conditioner then follow with a serum to maintain your curls. Naturalmente Fennel and Geranium Deep Hydrating Treatment followed by the Smoothing Solution to calm frizz and define curl.


Ease up on the bad things

As if you need telling but stress, smoking, and bad eating habits can cause hair to become dull and prone to breakage.


Brush off

A natural bristle brush is softer and more flexible and will inflict less damage on your hair.


Wet hair is fragile hair

So avoid excessive brushing when fresh from the shower and instead towel dry the excessive moisture off before you comb or brush.


Tame the frizz

Rinsing your hair in cold water after conditioning will help close down the hair cuticle (which gets opened in the shampoo stage) and minimize water getting into the hair shaft which otherwise causes the frizz.  Seal fine hair ends with Miele fluid, curly hair ends with Macassar Fluid.


Protection is key

Protect, protect, protect! The hair shaft will get a serious work over with your heating tools so applyNaturalmente Soothing Solution before you start.


Bigger is better

Volumise the fine limp hair with Naturalmente Glaze Gel mixed with Naturalmente Volumising Gel.  Apply to finger tips and comb through damp hair. Then work that gentle hairdrying action on the roots to build volume.


Hold me

Keep the finished style in place with a choice of setting sprays:

Naturalmente Rosebud or Sandalwood gas free hairsprays for strong hold.