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How to Choose your Naturalmente Product Combination


To choose the best product combinations for your hair and scalp type Naturalmente suggests the following guidelines.

Because Naturalmente does not use harsh surfactants to cleanse with you will find that the shampoos do not lather as much as conventional ones. This is because lather is actually superfluous to thorough cleansing. Rather excessive lather and bubbles simply strip away natural oils from the scalp as they are the result of the harsher surfactants used (SLS and SLES for example).

Naturalmente uses a gentler plant-based surfactant, Zinc coceth sulfate, which will cleanse your hair and scalp and leave the pH of your hair unaltered and your natural scalp oils intact.

With regular use of the Naturalmente range you will eventually find that you will need to wash your hair less often and therefore use less product. You will also notice:

  • Your scalp’s pH level and natural oil production will balance out
  • Hair growth will be promoted, hair loss reduced
  • Hair will become more controllable and manageable
  • Hair will have more volume due to lack of chemical product build up
  • Hair will recover its natural form, texture, body and shine
  • Hair will lose the synthetic fragrance of conventional products and be replaced by aroma of essential oils
  • Hair colour will instantly improve


The following are only guidelines not rules. Take into consideration what your hair is exposed to throughout the year – colour processing, styling, pollution and exposure to the sun, to best manage what it needs.


      • Initial Deep Cleanse – use once or twice a week
        • Rosemary and Lavender Shampoo – for oily scalps
        • Citrus Shampoo – for dry to normal scalps

      • Nourishing Shampoos – use every day
      • Aloe and Sandalwood Shampoo – for all hair types
      • Fennel and Geranium Shampoo – for dry, damaged or brittle hair
      • Anti oxidant Shampoo – for coloured hair

    • Moisturizing Conditioners – use every day
      • Fruit Acids Conditioner – hydrating for all hair types
      • Yogurt and Millet Conditioner – for revitalizing and nourishing dry, damaged or brittle hair
      • Anti oxidant Conditioner – for coloured hair

    • Intensive Treatments – use weekly
  • Aloe and Sandalwood Restructuring Treatment – protein enriched for all hair types
  • Fennel and Geranium Deep Hydrating Treatment – for dry, damaged hair


All products available in 50ml and 250ml sizes.

Not tested on animals. Biodegradeable packaging.

All products suitable for VEGANS with exception of Yogurt and Millet Conditioner, Beeswax, To Shine Karite and Miele Restructuring Fluid.



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