Our Philosophy

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At Naturalmente we believe that the huge biodiversity of the natural world, offers everything we need for our personal health, beauty and wellbeing. The plant kingdom is vital for humanity, it supplies us with the air that we breathe the food we eat and plant sources rich in vitamins and proteins that act anti-oxidising agents. Anti-oxidants are unique for their ability to help slow the ageing of our body, hair and skin.

We are also very aware that this planet is the only home we have, and share a desire to encourage an environmentally sustainable way of living. This is why we do not use any petrochemicals, animal substances, synthetic perfumes, sodium lauryl sulphates or parabens in our products.

Instead we use pure essential oils and fragrances derived from the botanical kingdom – plants, flowers, roots, seeds, oils, fruit, spices and resins. Our ingredients are cultivated in and sourced from the country of origin and are produced and harvested using organic, biodynamic and spontaneous agricultural methods. Naturalmente’s products are the better choice for your body, and for our planet. Using only sustainable and renewable ingredients, Naturalmente is eco-friendly whether planting harvesting, processing or packaging.



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